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The joke is terrible, and obvious, but thats why its so damn funny! You should make a compilation like this? it reminds me me of the slapstick MAD style.

I have just wasted a few seconds of my life. It was all low res images and not vector, and it was just boring. being radioactive and being gassy just inst funny. perhaps a few jokes about panda's sexual habits? (they only see females to have sex)

ForNoReason responds:

Not for everyone I guess. Thought about making a sex joke but I didn't feel like it at the time. Live and learn I guess!

MY MAN! Okay, so I'm guessing a few people from your class has done this project, because I have seen one other jazz animation on newgrounds. I REALLY like them! they are unique and interesting, and they sync quite well to the music. Like the other one, it also tells a story!
Good job!

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WOW, ok, so i wanted to start creating a game with stencil jam a while back but never got into it because of school troubles and focus lost. but now that i see this and see that an artistic game can be made, i want to do it. this is incredible. it was stunning graphics wise and had a very strong mood. first game too?? get crackin on a new one because this is great!

Frozennnn responds:

thanks for the review yes was my first game and stencyl its a very good tool good look with your game

I had to play it just because it was an art game. It was a liiitle too challenging. but after all its an art game, its never what is expected.

VinceB responds:

I am glad I could surprise you. It's not that challenging, just sneaky. ;-)

Not bad, but its been done before.

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dude! i would love to see this in a game. this is very creepy and entrancing music. i want to see more like this!

FunnyCop responds:

Thanks! The main focus was to make it creepy, I will make sure to make more pieces like this one.

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I really like this new style you experimenting with, I would love to see how loose you can get.

Im in love

this is awesome! almost sadistic in a way. more exploding clowns?

I am an artist. An artist that focuses all the power of his imagination into his work. CADS is my name, and Crazystuff is what I make.

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